Hamil-Swag: Alexander Swagmilton Playlist on 8tracks

8tracks user Glorfinedel created an Alexander Swagmilton playlist to celebrate Hamilton’s birthday.  The playlist features a catchy mix of hip hop and pop songs.


The tagline under the swagtastic image states:

bruh. but like, what if we had a bank?
happy birthday alexander hamilton

Happy Friday from It’s Hamiltime!

Hamil-Swag: Handmade Treats

Here are some handmade Hamilton items, available from individual sellers on Etsy!

Watch locket necklace available for $52 from SirensSoul

Watch Locket Necklace Real Antique Art Deco Watch With Removable Money Inside

Hamilton bottlecap magnet, available for $5.50 from MessageinaBottlecap.

Alexander Hamilton Bottlecap Magnet

Hamilton Origami Figure available on Etsy for $44.95: “Up for sale is a beautifully crafted origami Alexander Hamilton Figurine. He’s wearing a Baseball Cap and a business suit and he’s jamming a guitar!  The head is made of a $10 bill and the rest is made of $1 bills.”

ALEXANDER HAMILTON w/Baseball Cap playing Guitar Dollar Origami - Money President Gift

Hamil-Swag: iPhone 6 Covers

I recently upgraded my iPhone and switched over to the iPhone 6.  I previously had three different Hamilton-related covers for my iPhone 4S, but was on the hunt for something new.  Here are the contenders I looked at:

Red Bubble has an “Alexander Swagilton” cover featuring Hamilton in some impressive stunner shades, available for $25.  The description states: “Need I say more? The genius of finance comes all the way from St. Croix to hang out on your pillows, walls, and other swag-enabled places. Don’t tell Jefferson.”

Alexander Swagilton by roanoke

They also have a “Ham the Man” design.  The description states: “Alexander Hamilton: financial whiz kid, self-explanatory.”

Ham The Man by crispians

Ultimately, I chose this Hamilton watercolor portrait case, designed by Fabrizio Cassetta and available at Fine Art America  for $35.

Alexander Hamilton - Watercolor Portrait iPhone 6 Case

Hamil-Swag: Christmas Ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to decorate for Christmas!  Here are some ideas to add some Hamilton swag to your tree this year:

(1) Glass-blown Hamilton ornament: In 1998, the Christopher Radko Company produced a glass-blown Hamilton ornament that is now available from resellers like eBay and Hand of Man.  The ornament was second in the Patriots series that the company created, and only 7,500 were made.


(2) The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution designed this ornament as part of a 2002 series of Founding Father ornaments.  It is available from the SAR website for $10.

2002 Alexander Hamilton Ornament


(3) Young Hamilton Ornament: Founding Father Joy designed this tribute to “young Artillery Capt. Alexander Hamilton,” on sale at Zazzle for $22.95.



(4) “Alexander Hamilton Is My Favorite” available on Cafe Press for $12.95


Hamil-Swag: A Sticker Situation!

(1) Wall Decals

Because your walls have clearly been missing a 2-4 foot Hamilton cutout, here are some options.  I haven’t read any reviews of these products, but am contemplating getting one for my office- please comment if you’ve purchased any of them:

Historical Cutouts, a website specializing in educational cutouts of historical figures, offers this 72-inch cut out of Hamilton that can either be made as a cardboard cutout or as a “vinyl wall graphic.”

WallMonkeys has several Hamilton decals, which can be ordered in sizes ranging from 12 by 18 to 48 by 72 inches.  Some of their designs include:

This image of the Hamilton statue at Central Park

Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804), Central Park. Wall Decal

and this stack of $10 bills

Background of the US $10 Bills Wall Decal

Amazon offers a Hamilton wall mural that is 24 by 32 inches.  The description states:

Wall Murals are a simple, affordable way to brighten up any space in your home or office. Transform an ordinary room into a tropical escape, celestial adventure, enchanted forest, or spectacular cityscape. This Wall Mural is made of one 4’x6′ high quality laminated photographic paper panels. The mural surface wipes clean and is stain resistant. Murals are re-usable and repositionable. Removable, paint safe picture hanging strips are included for ease of hanging.

(2) Bumper Stickers

“Alex in Blue” bumper sticker from Cafe Press

Alex in Blue Rectangle Sticker

I ❤ Hamilton bumper sticker

I Love Alexander Hamilton Bumper Sticker (10 pk)

(3) Other Stickers

From artist Martin Freejam, Red Bubble offers this Grand Master Swag design, that can be printed on either a sticker or a t-shirt.



Anyone who has seen the logo for The Hamilton in DC knows that Hamilton can certainly rock a pair of shades.  (On a related note, I will *finally* get to check out The Hamilton when I have a work trip to DC next month and am very excited!!):

Hamil-Swag: Tech Accessories

1) Computer Sleeves: protect your computer with this stylish Hamilton computer sleeve!  The product description states: “Hamilton’s Federalist essay #74 adorns this laptop case. This one-of- a-kind item has images of original 1st edition pages from “The Federalist,” 1788, from my collection. There’s also an 18th century notation attributing the essay to “Gen’l Hamilton” on the right.”  This sleeve is available from Zazzle for $27.95.

Publius - Federalist # 74 Laptop Computer Sleeves

2) iPad cases: there are several cool cases out there.  Here are some of my favorites:

Ham the Man cover from Red Bubble (this one is pretty pricey at $69.23, but I think the design is pretty cool!).

Ham The Man by Shilpa Saravanan

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”  The cover features one of my favorite Hamilton quotations (it’s actually my Gmail signature), and I like the color scheme on this one.  The case is available from Cafe Press for $24.99.

Stand Up for Something iPad Case

Alexander Hamilton: Progress?  Interesting design from Cooldesignz Founding Father’s collection, available on Zazzle for $49.95.

5-8-2014 8-17-19 AM


Hamil-Swag: Alexander Hamilton Vodka

Old New York Spirits has just introduced Alexander Hamilton Vodka, which it bills as “a spirit pure and rare.”  The vodka is distilled from potatoes and is handcrafted in New York.


Designer Steven Bonner was brought in to design the bottle and packaging and states on his website that:

“I worked directly with the client to reflect its American heritage and took inspiration from a range of sources, not least Alexander Hamilton’s life and times as well as more stylised elements like some of the gravestones surrounding Hamilton’s resting place. A mix of classic and modern, the bottle is designed to appeal to a fashionable consumer who respects tradition and craft in a premium product.”

The brand has Twitter and Instagram accounts, and tweeted this announcement picture in July 2013.  If any one has tried this or seen it in stores, let me know!

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Hamil-Swag: The Federalist Visionary Zinfandel

For all you wine drinkers out there, here’s a very handsome bottle: Terlato Wines International’s Federalist Visionary Zinfandel.

The Federalist Visionary Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, USA

The website’s explanation for the use of Hamilton’s image states:

The roots of Zinfandel began to take hold in the United States just as the Federalists were establishing our nation’s independence. This Dry Creek Valley Federalist Zinfandel is an ode to this noble grape, and a celebration of its decidedly American origin. The robust fruit, bright berry fruit character and lively acidity speak to the distinct characteristics of these bold, strong vines that are inseparably intertwined with the history of the United States itself

The Federalist Visionary Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, USA

The description of the wine states:

Our Dry Creek Federalist Zinfandel is hand-crafted to bring out the true individuality of the Zinfandel grape. The Dry Creek Valley has unique characteristics that make it especially well-suited for cultivation of this hearty, decidedly American grape. The valley receives pronounced afternoon heat, but our vines are also cooled by the night air that creeps up the Russian River Valley from the waters of the Pacific Ocean, producing evening and early morning fog. Our vineyard enjoys the luxury of extended “hang time,” which produces more mature fruit, and results in rich, full-bodied flavor characteristics. The Federalist Zinfandel has robust fruit with bright berry fruit character, and its lively acidity allows it to partner well with a wide variety of foods.

Here is a review of the wine from Notes from the Cellar.  Here is a website with information where you can find this wine near you.  I still haven’t tried it, but will report back when I do…if I can bring myself to open the bottle!

The company also makes two other Federalist variations: a Federalist chardonnay dedicated to John Adams, and a Dueling Pistols wine referencing the duel between Hamilton and Burr.  The description for the dueling pistols wine states:

Since dueling is no longer socially acceptable, we suggest solving differences over a glass of this “dual” of zinfandel and syrah.  This wine exhibits bright cherry jam aromas, with big fruit flavors enhanced by hints of spice and lively acidity.

Hamil-Swag: More T-Shirts

Can you ever have too many Hamilton t-shirts?  Happy Monday!

1) Hipster Hamilton from Zazzle

Hipster Hamilton Tshirt

2) Olde School (featuring Henry, Franklin, Jefferson, and Hamilton) from Zazzle

Olde School T-shirt

3) Capitalism Rocks! from Cafe Press

Women's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)

4) AH Quote shirt from Zazzle: Featuring the quote: “A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government. ”

Alexander Hamilton Quote Shirts

Hamil-Swag: Pop Culture Meets Art Meets Awesome- “American Iconomics”

Check out these super creative renditions of currency with inspiration drawn from the worlds of film, art, and popular culture.  These images were created by artists Akira Beard and James Charles as part of a 2011 show at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco entitled: American Iconomics.   Some of these awesome pieces are still on sale, for $600 a piece.  You should check out the full collection of images here– you’ll find Andrew Jackson as Ronald McDonald, Ulysses S. Grant as Mr. T, and other awesome iconic images.

Here are my favorite Hamilton images from the show.

Willy Wonka (coincidentally one of my favorite movies)- Hamilton as Wonka and a very distinguished Oompa Loompa

Star Wars– Yoda and Princess Leia

Akira Beard and James Charles : James Charles

Akira Beard and James Charles : James Charles

Van Gogh

Johnny Cash

Akira Beard and James Charles : James Charles

Note: all images were taken from the Shooting Gallery American Iconomics site.