Hamil-Swag: A Sticker Situation!

(1) Wall Decals

Because your walls have clearly been missing a 2-4 foot Hamilton cutout, here are some options.  I haven’t read any reviews of these products, but am contemplating getting one for my office- please comment if you’ve purchased any of them:

Historical Cutouts, a website specializing in educational cutouts of historical figures, offers this 72-inch cut out of Hamilton that can either be made as a cardboard cutout or as a “vinyl wall graphic.”

WallMonkeys has several Hamilton decals, which can be ordered in sizes ranging from 12 by 18 to 48 by 72 inches.  Some of their designs include:

This image of the Hamilton statue at Central Park

Alexander Hamilton (1757–1804), Central Park. Wall Decal

and this stack of $10 bills

Background of the US $10 Bills Wall Decal

Amazon offers a Hamilton wall mural that is 24 by 32 inches.  The description states:

Wall Murals are a simple, affordable way to brighten up any space in your home or office. Transform an ordinary room into a tropical escape, celestial adventure, enchanted forest, or spectacular cityscape. This Wall Mural is made of one 4’x6′ high quality laminated photographic paper panels. The mural surface wipes clean and is stain resistant. Murals are re-usable and repositionable. Removable, paint safe picture hanging strips are included for ease of hanging.

(2) Bumper Stickers

“Alex in Blue” bumper sticker from Cafe Press

Alex in Blue Rectangle Sticker

I ❤ Hamilton bumper sticker

I Love Alexander Hamilton Bumper Sticker (10 pk)

(3) Other Stickers

From artist Martin Freejam, Red Bubble offers this Grand Master Swag design, that can be printed on either a sticker or a t-shirt.



Anyone who has seen the logo for The Hamilton in DC knows that Hamilton can certainly rock a pair of shades.  (On a related note, I will *finally* get to check out The Hamilton when I have a work trip to DC next month and am very excited!!):

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