Hamil-Swag: Even More T-Shirts!

Here are some cool new Hamilton-themed t-shirt designs I’ve seen around the internet!  If you’re interested in previously featured t-shirt designs, check out some posts from the archives here and here!

(1) Break All the Twenties: I love this clever design, featuring Hamilton surrounded by ten dollar bills.  This t-shirt was designed by user roanoke, and is available for $24.80 from Red Bubble

Break All The Twenties by roanoke

(2) Election Girls: this shirt is a play on Mean Girls featuring John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.  The designer’s description states: “The election of 1796 photoshopped onto the Mean Girls Poster.”  The shirt is available for $24.80 from Red Bubble and was created by user .

Election Girls by jadenshop

(3) High Noon at the Hudson: this t-shirt, selling for $9 from Headline Shirts offers an irreverent take on the Hamilton-Burr duel.

Model is wearing a size Medium. He is 6'1".

(4) Let Us Go Ham: Designer vforvery created this shirt, available on Red Bubble for $24.80.  The artist’s description states: “Even the one of the founding fathers has to let loose every once in a while. Alex likes to get wild when he goes out with his BFFLs.”

Alexander Hamilton is a Party Animal by vforvery

(5) “Hamilton is not amused” shirt from Zazzle on sale for $21.95 by user hamiltonislove.

Alexander Hamilton Tshirts