It’s Hamiltime (Again)!

Happy New Year!

After taking a hiatus from blogging to focus on my law practice and on a non-Hamilton related writing project (will share more about that later), I’m happy to announce that this blog will be back on a regular posting schedule starting next week.  New post will be out Mondays and Wednesdays, with occasional Hamil-Swag Friday posts.

Some of the series that I’ve been working on include:

  • Duels for Days (covering some of Hamilton’s other duels or near-duels)
  • Hamil-Fam (will be adding to my series of past posts about Hamilton’s children and family life)
  • A. Ham, Esq (covering some of Hamilton’s notable legal cases from his career

Also, I’ll be speaking at Hamilton Grange in Harlem on January 9, 2016 at 12 pm about the Manhattan Well Murder trial, in which Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Brockholst Livingston co-defended the first recorded murder trial in American history.  For more information, and for the full schedule of Celebrate Hamilton events in January 2016, check out the AHA Society’s flyer.

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