Hamilton in DC

Writing this from the clouds: in an airplane flying from DC to LA!  I love technology!

If you’ve explored DC, you may have noticed that Hamilton is conspicuously absent in terms of memorials, statues, and public art from the city he had a huge role in making the capital.  While Jefferson’s influence can be felt throughout the city, Hamilton has been relegated to a much smaller role.  However, if you are looking for Hamilton stuff in DC- check out these places.

The first, located outside the Treasury Building, is by James Earle Fraser, who received the commission in 1917.  The 10 foot statue was erected in its current location in 1923.  I think it’s a really well-preserved, gorgeous statute.  The statue stands on a 9 foot base

If you’re in the Rotunda, you’ll notice this statue.  It was made by Horatio Stone, a prominent sculptor/doctor in the mid-1800s whose sculptures can be seen throughout Washington.

Alexander Hamilton

And, I’ve resolved that I’ll finally eat here next time I’m in DC!  The Hamilton is a restaurant/music venue located near Metro Center.  And, according to the Washington Post, the food’s pretty good.  Gotta love Hamilton in his own Hamil-swag.

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