Hamil-Swag: Money to Burn

After a First Edition of The Federalist Papers was valued and sold at over $100,000, I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the more expensive/authentic Hamil-swag on the internet.  Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these (although the holidays are coming up!), and have no firsthand knowledge about their historical authenticity.

1) Signed Hamilton Circular– Available on Ebay from History for Sale, bidding starts at $50,000.  The circular has directions from Hamilton to his team of revenue collectors.  Not the most interesting document, but apparently Hamilton’s signature is worth quite a bit. 

2) Replica dueling pistolsJM Exclusives  has replica dueling pistols available for $6995.  A cheaper set is available from Arms2Armor for just under $2,000.  The original pistols are actually owned by J.P. Morgan, which is a descendant of Aaron Burr’s Bank of Manhattan Company, the second commercial bank formed in New York.   The New York Historical Society has its own pair of duplicate pistols on display.

Dueling pistols

3) Hamilton 1798 Letter- This is pretty awesome and has already been sold by the Raab Collection.  It is a letter from Hamilton to James McHenry (Hamilton’s friend and Secretary of War under Adams) concerning Hamilton’s role in directing the military as Washington’s second-in-command.  Although Hamilton’s military service ended quickly once peace with France was achieved, Hamilton singlehandedly raised an army and prepared the nation for combat.  The Raab Collection also has an interesting 1792 letter signed by Hamilton’s successor as Secretary of the Treasury, Oliver Wolcott for $1,000.

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