Hamil-Swag: Office Supplies for Your Favorite Hamiltonian

This morning, I got into the office, looked at my desk, and realized how many awesome Hamilton accessories I have in my office.I’m sharing reviews of my three favorite Hamilton accessories since the holidays are coming up!  [Note: I am not getting advertising revenue for these reviews and all pictures are from my personal collection.]

1) Hamilton History Cube– Nifty picture cube featuring nine images from the New York Historical Society.  Great to play with on your desk.  Comes in a gift box.  Warning- the pictures will wear out if you play with the cube constantly.  I’m currently on my second one and I bought both from the Trinity Church gift shop.  {Available online from the NY Historical Society and sold at the Trinity Church Gift Shop}


2) Hamilton Bobblehead– My bobblehead is by far the coolest thing in my office.   Royal Bobbles has done a brilliant job with the detail on Hamilton’s face and clothes.  At under $20, I thought this was a steal.   However, Hamilton’s walking stick slipped out of his hands after a few months and I had to superglue part of his wig back together.   {Available from the History Channel and Amazon}

3) Mini-Hamilton Bust– This 6-inch bust works as a great paperweight or just a guard for your desk.  The detail on the face is pretty neat.  When I bought it, I expected it to be bigger, and at almost $30 it is a bit expensive for the size.  {available from Amazon}

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