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Hamilton Statue in Weehawken

Why Hamilton?
Alexander Hamilton died in 1804, over 200 years ago. Why should we care about him today?

Unpopular in his own time and often ignored by scholars in the modern narrative of the Revolution and Founding, Hamilton was the embodiment of the American Dream and a study in contradictions. Hamilton was a master political strategist who never understood the art of popularity; the architect of the modern American economy who died in debt; a man of both immense bouts of energy and unparalleled productivity and crippling physical frailty; and a proponent of self-interest who paved the way for a system of political idealism.

Hamilton’s many roles included:
1) Revolutionary orator
2) Washington’s long-time Military aide
3) Economic mastermind
4) Champion of the Constitution

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. We liked you on our Facebook. We love connecting to other Hamiltonians. We just celebrated our first year as a Society last month – The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society. Join us too (www.The-AHA-Society.com)! Where are you based out of? We’re out of Florida but we have Chapter Presidents in a number of states…

  2. Steve Szabo says:

    Really the most handsome…everyone knows that Matthew Thornton was the Brad Pitt of his day. Even William Blount and Pierce Butler were better looking.

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